Webinar on WebRatio BPM Platform 8.4

I’m glad to share the video of the most recent webinar on WebRatio BPM Platform, the BPMN-based tool designed to support you in building high-end BPM Web and mobile Apps with a tailored User Experience. If you never experienced WebRatio BPM Platform, here is a summary of what you can do with it:

  •  DEVELOP WEB AND MOBILE APPS through prototypes, then change them as many times as you need. No more time wasted building mockups on paper.
  • NO VENDOR LOCK IN thanks to highly optimized generated code that is open, human readable and based on the most recent Java and JS frameworks.
  • DEFINE A CUSTOM WEB OR MOBILE FRONT END for your BPM App and create a customized user interface, giving every channel a different user experience.
  • SUPPORT YOUR USERS’ MOBILITY thanks to the mobile BPM capabilities that let you work on your BPM App on any device, desktop or mobile, and deliver a seamless user experience.
Discover more on the WebRatio site or watch the video of the webinar on YouTube:

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Seminar on Social BPM at SMAU 2011 Milano

Just to keep track of the events I’ve been involved recently, here is a quick summary of the seminar I gave together with Stefano Butti at SMAU Milano 2011. The topic was Social BPM. You can find here some picture, an interview (in Italian) and the slides I used (in English).

Other pictures of the event are available on the WebRatio site.
The presentation I gave at SMAU is available on SlideShare:

I also gave a short interview at the exhibition, which has been published on YouTube:

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Video: Introduction to WebRatio

In case you didn’t see it, here is the short introductory video about WebRatio, in which a speaker highlights the main features of the MDD tool based on WebML:

You can also find some audio lessons on WebML on my official web site.

WebRatio BPM demo and booth at ICWE 2010

I’m displaying WebRatio BPM demo (featuring WebML and BPMN) and promotional materials at the ICWE 2010 booth in Vienna from July 5 to July 9 2010. Come and visit us, we are at the Technical University, Vienna (TUV).

Or you can go and look at the demo online on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRS1LTazxFk

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WebRatio BPM – preview and presentation at Eclipse-IT 2009, Bergamo, Italy

On September 28th, 2009 in Bergamo we will present the following demosntration and paper:

Title: Demonstration of WebRatio BPM, an innovative BP modeling tool for the Web
Authors: Marco Brambilla, Stefano Butti, Piero Fraternali
Affiliation: Web Models Srl, Como, Italy

WebRatio BPM is an innovative Eclipse-based tool that supports the design and deployment of business processes on the Web. The commercial version of the tool will be released in late fall 2009 by Web Models Srl (www.webratio.com).

The tool applies Model Driven Engineering techniques to complex, multi-actor business processes, mixing tasks executed by humans and by machines. It adopts the standard BPMN 1.2 notation, extended with information on task assignment and escalation policies, activity semantics, and typed dataflows

We will present our two-step generative approach: first the BPMN Process Model is automatically transformed into a WebML Web Application Model; second, the Application Model is fed to an automatic code generation transformation that produces state of the practice J2EE web applications. We will demonstrate the tool features that increase the productivity and the quality of the resulting application, including: one-click generation of a running prototype of the process from the BPMN model; fine-grained refinement of the resulting application at the WebML modeling level; and support of continuous evolution of the application design after requirements changes.