The business value of Mobile + Cloud + Internet of Things

Once again, this year I gave a presentation at SMAU Milano together with WebRatio (with Matteo Sassi as a co-speaker).

The purpose this time was to show and inspire on how Mobile, Cloud and IoT are becoming concrete business opportunities.

We tried to give a different interpretation to these technology trends: At first glance, the technologies that integrate Cloud, Mobile andInternet of Things (IoT) are attractive only to industry leaders with the ability to invest huge budgets and resources (such as Google Nest or Philips HUE, for example). These technologies are becoming attractive for individual developers who implement solutions thanks to open-source hardware and systems, such as Arduino and Raspberry PI which then inevitably force them to make design compromises.

We showed how conceptual solutions like the one proposed by WebRatio offer a code less approach that gives companies the opportunity to enter as main players, without limitations, in this new Mobile, Cloud and IoT market.

By using WebRatio Platform, companies can model apps with the IFML language (Interaction Flow Modeling Language) and “rationalize” the interaction with the IoT networks (think of the interaction of the sensors on which the “Internet of Things” technology is based) and put them into operation directly in the Cloud. In this way, companies save on infrastructure costs and reduce the cost and time to design and build applications.  It is possible to design new applications in this context caring only to use the correct interfaces and focusing on the opportunities provided by this new technology.

Here is the presentation we gave (partly in Italian, but very visual):

Together with a few pictures of the event:

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And my personal page on the SMAU site is:

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The Cloud meets Model-Driven Engineering

Cloud computing is enormously promising in terms of providing scalable and elastic infrastructure for software applications, as well as innovative business opportunities.

However, its complexity (both in terms of understanding and adoption) is often underestimated.
That’s why Model-Driven Engineering (MDE), whose focus is to elevate conceptual models to first class artefacts of the software development process, can come at hand also for addressing software issues on the cloud.
MDE is enormously promising in terms of automating tedious or error prone parts of systems engineering. There is a huge potential in identifying synergies between MDE and cloud computing; this is the focus of the workshop CloudMDE 2014. This year, the MODELS conference will host the second edition of the workshop, in Valencia (Spain), on September 30, 2014.
Here are a couple of excerpts from the workshop call.

Model Driven Engineering (MDE) features powerful tools, including for constructing models and managing them (e.g., via transformation, code generation, merging), though numerous challenges and difficulties arrive in adopting and deploying the tools. MDE principles, practices and tools are also becoming more widely used in industrial scenarios. Many of these scenarios are traditional IT development (e.g., focusing on code generation), and emphasis on novel or evolving deployment platforms has yet to be seen.

Cloud computing is a computational model in which applications, data, and IT resources are provided as services to users over the Internet. Cloud computing exploits distributed computers to proxvide on-demand resources and services over a network (usually the Internet) with the scale and reliability of a data centre. There are different types of clouds; organizations can provide hardware for clouds internally (internal clouds), or a third party can provide it externally (hosted clouds). A cloud might be restricted to a single organization or group (private clouds), available to the general public over the Internet (public clouds), or shared by multiple groups or organizations (hybrid clouds).

Let’s put them together! A nice example of this is the brand new cloud implementation of WebRatio.

All the papers presented at the workshop are available online as CEUR-WS proceedings at:

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Mobile, Cloud, BPM through MDD for fostering the business. Presentation at SMAU 2013

Yesterday, together with Matteo Sassi from WebRatio, I gave a seminar at SMAU 2013 on applying model-driven engineering solutions to Mobile, Cloud, and BPM technologies for fostering the business.
The main message is that MDD and MDE can dramatically increase efficiency, flexibility and effectiveness of the enterprise by letting it address better the needs of the customers.
The presentation I gave is reported here below (in Italian).

Here is the setting of the presentation, with Matteo Sassi doing the demonstration of the WebRatio tool for BPMN and IFML modeling, quick prototyping and deployment on the cloud.
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BPM and Cloud, the ideal partners. SMAU 2012 presentation

Questo workshop si occupa di presentare le tecniche moderne di progettazione e deployment di processi di business a livello enterprise, sfruttando le potenzialità degli approcci model-driven (MDE – Model Driven Engineering) e le piattaforme basate su cloud.
Il workshop mostra come sia possibile affrontare con tecniche agili le problematiche di definizione e ristrutturazione di processi aziendali, ottenendo in tempi rapidi prototipi funzionanti e installazioni finali delle applicazioni, anche a fronte di esigenze di flessibilità e continua evoluzione dei requisiti.
La combinazione BPM e Cloud si mostra vincente in tutti questi casi, garantendo la massima flessibilità di progettazione e installazione.
L’applicazione di questi concetti viene mostrata attraverso l’utilizzo di WebRatio, uno strumento innovativo che consente la progettazione agile di processi aziendali, interfacce utente e funzionalità di business logic avanzate (che coprono anche integrazioni con piattaforme SOA, con BPM engine pre-esistenti e sistemi terzi, inclusi social network) attraverso un approccio Model-Driven e, tramite una funzionalità di one-click deployment, permette di generare e pubblicare applicazioni Web Enterprise su una piattaforma cloud a piacere, sia essa pubblica o privata aziendale. – 

See more at the workshop page of SMAU.
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Model-driven development on and for the Cloud: CloudMDE Workshop at ECMFA 2012

I’m glad to say that the CloudMDE workshop we organized at ECMFA has stirred interesting presentations and discussions.

I’ve summarized the online comments in this storified list of tweets:[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “CloudMDE workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (at ECMFA2012)” on Storify</a>]<h1>CloudMDE workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (at ECMFA2012)</h1><h2>CloudMDE ( aims to identify opportunities for using MDE to support the development of cloud-based applications (MDE for the cloud), as well as opportunities for using cloud infrastructure to enable MDE in new and novel ways (MDE in the cloud). </h2><p>Storified by Marco Brambilla · Tue, Jul 03 2012 01:52:24</p><div>The CloudMDE workshop has been held on July 2, 2012. This is a storified version of the Twitter discussions that happened during the workshop. If you want to know more you can visit: <a target=”_blank” href=””></a></div><div>About to start the #cloudmde workshop at @ecmfa2012Richard Paige</div><div><h2>The keynote speech by Ali Babar:</h2></div><div>Ali Babar keynote at #cloudmde @ecmfa2012 Paige</div><div>Ali Babar talking about the context of global software engineering: testers & developers cost the same in Scandinavia! #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ali is terrifying his audience about the lack of testing done by some small companies he’s interviewed. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>In Denmark, around 92% of (presumably ICT) companies are 10 people or less. How to provide affordable tools and infrastructure? #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Discussion of how to support multi-tenancy in a "Tools-as-a-Service" cloud infrastructure. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ali now discussing a case study where he migrated a software metrics system to the cloud. Might be a scenario for MDE #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>An opportunity for MDE in cloud may be to make it easier to port applications to different cloud infrastructure. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ali’s final remarks: cloud computing matters; tools-as-a-service has huge potential; MDE can help with migration or construction #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div><h2>Techincal sessions – Morning:</h2></div><div>Massimo Tisi now talking about a research roadmap for model transformation in the cloud. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Massimo now talking about distributing parts of transformation computation to computational nodes. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Interesting discussion on strategies to distribute a transformation: no local loading, based on props of model elements, etc. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ekkart Kindler jumped right in with the first controversial question of #cloudmde :-)ECMFA 2012</div><div>Now, Alek Radjenovic presenting a roadmap for using MDE to migrate applications to the cloud. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Alek Radjenovic at #cloudmde Paige</div><div>#webratio, one of the first commercial full fledged cloud-enabled #MDE tools #cloudMDE @ecmfa2012 #MDD #cloudcomputingMarco Brambilla</div><div>Massimo Tisi getting ready to rumble at #cloudmde Paige</div><div>Ekkart should come to every workshop 🙂 #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Interesting question from @AVallecillo "What would be lost in migrating [data] to the cloud?" #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div><h2>Technical session. Afternoon:</h2></div><div>Now back after lunch; Sebastien Mosser talking about CloudML. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Plug for REMICS project. Appropriate, given that this is a talk about pluggability. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Sebastian talking about migration of a COBOL application to IaaS. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>"I should never rely on colours." — overheard at #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Sebastian Mosser presenting at #cloudmde Paige</div><div>Laszlo Deak presenting work on NoSQL and performance analysis. #cloudmde Paige</div><div>Even if not there, the <br /> To keep updated on my activities you can subscribe to the <a href=””>RSS feed</a> of my blog or follow my twitter account (<a href=””>@MarcoBrambi</a>). And also remember that WebRatio itself is fully cloud-enabled by now!