Project work… serialization

Today I had a project work review session with my students. This one made me jump on my chair. A student is reporting on the problems he has on his software development project work, and finally here he comes with this small concern:
“I was serializing the data we needed and suddenly Java sent out a warning about not to serialize the classes implementing the UI. Why is that?”
I was going to suggest to serialize his project work and ship it to another university.

To learn more about serialization of object in OO see:

About Requirements


Here is what I read in an exam essay regarding the definition of functional and non-functional requirements:

  • Functional requirements are those features that are needed for making your system function.
  • Non-functional requirements are features that prevent the system from functioning.

Ok, what to say? Maybe you should add some functional requirements to your mind…

As a reference, you could simply go on wikipedia and find out the actual difference between functional and non-functional requirements.