Data Science for Business Innovation. Live courses for executives and managers in Italy and The Netherlands

Starting October 2019, we open a new opportunity for companies:

a 2-day hands-on course on Data-driven innovation for executive and managers.

The course is specially developed for executives, managers, and decision-makers that need to handle the foundations of data analysis for taking informed decisions on data-driven business, innovation path and strategies within the enterprise. It consists of keynotes, success stories, and quick  introductory lectures spanning big data, machine learning, data valorization and communication. The course covers terminology and concepts, tools and methods, use cases and success stories of data science applications.

The course explains  what value Data Science can create, what Data Science can solve, what the difference is between descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and what the roles of machine learning and artificial intelligence are.

The teaching style will be very practical, with use cases, hands on sessions, workgroup activities, and networking sessions for applying what you learn directly on real projects.

The live events will be:

If you are interested, you can visit the pages for the Italian [ITA] and English [ENG] editions respectively, and/o download the detailed brochures:

You can always get in touch to ask for more details.

Similar initiatives that we held in the past included the Urban Data Science Bootcamp, delivered in Milano and Amsterdam in 2017 (see a Medium story on the event here, to understand the style and activities, although you should consider that those reported there are about the specific sector of smartcity).

The event is also integrated with an online mini MOOC available on Coursera.

The course is offered by Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Cefriel and EIT Digital.


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