Crash Course in Data Science at PoliMi

For the second time, we are proposing a “night-time” multidisciplinary interactive mini-course that introduces data science concepts, methods and use cases to bachelor students (and master students of different faculties such as management, design, architecture, and so on) of Politecnico di Milano.

The full program of the mini-course is:

Day Topic Instructor Classroom (DEIB) Materials
4/2/2019 Intro to big data and data science.(Re)descovering SQL. Ceri / Brambilla Seminari Intro


5/2/2019 Big Data and NoSQL. Brambilla Conferenze NoSQL overview

NoSQL Databases

Graph Databases

8/2/2019 Data Analysis: dimensionality, clustering Brambilla Seminari Dimensionality Reduction & Clustering
12/2/2019 Data analysis: classification & hands-on on machine learning, AI, neural networks, deep learning Brambilla/ Ramponi/ Di Giovanni Conferenze Classification, neural networks, CNN, RNN, DNN, Deep learning
14/2/2019 Hands-on data analysis Ramponi/ Di Giovanni Seminari Python-datascienceNN-Keras
20/2/2019 Scenarios: Genomics, Bots and Fake News Ceri /Daniel Seminari Bots and fake news
21/2/2019 Statistics in practice Vantini Seminari
27/2/2019 Data visualization Ciuccarelli Seminari Datascience Challenges

Possible Theses and Projects

The course is in Italian, with teaching materials in English.

Classes are always from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.

You can read more at: 

Or you can get in touch if you want more details:


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