Fluxedo – your personal flow manager: model-driven strikes back for end users?

After months of intensive preparatory work, we are ready to announce a new initiative that starts from the model-driven engineering research but then targets end users: the upcoming mobile app called Fluxedo!

Fluxedo is a personal flow manager that allows you to easily create and share your tasks with friends and colleagues. Fluxedo lets you involve the people around you, keep up to date on the progress of the flow and reach your goals faster.
Fluxedo is based on the model-driven research on personal process management and aims at bringing it to the consumer market.
It is the result of a domain-specific modeling study for understanding the best way for describing processes from the consumer perspective.

You can read more on the fluxedo.com web site, but I can anticipate we already have a Alpha version of the app, and we plan to release the Beta version within the next 3-4 months. Aside, I’d like to mention that the project comes out from M.Sc. works at Politecnico di Milano and already won two startup challenges.
At this point though, I would like to ask a small action from your side:

.. and I know, it’s Valentine day, so I hope you get in love with this app!

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