Webinars on IFML and integration with UML and BPMN

Join the Webinar dedicated to IFML and its use integrated with other modeling languages in the MDA suite, such as UML and BPMN!

The webinar will introduce the basics of the IFML language and will demonstrate the advantages of using it together with BPMN diagrams, UML use case, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and class diagrams. IFML is the missing piece for modeling the front end of software applications and perfectly complements other modeling dimensions in broad system modeling projects.
The schedule of the webinars is as follows:
– Thursday July 25 at 15 CEST (GMT +2) (in english)
– Friday July 26 at 15 CEST (GMT +2) (in italian)
Register to the Webinar on the WebRatio Web site:
register to the webinar


Participation is free, courtesy of WebRatio.

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