OMG IFML webinars in English, Spanish and Italian

For your information, we will give a webinar dedicated to the new OMG standard IFML (a modeling language for defining the User Interaction of software applications, born as evolution and extension of WebML) and its practical use within model-driven approaches that go down to the generation of industrial applications upon web, mobile and proprietary platforms, as supported by WebRatio.  The webinar will also introduce the new open source design tool for IFML developed by WebRatio.

The Webinar will be given in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian.
The schedule of the three versions of the webinar is as follows:

Friday May 31, 2013
– at 15 CET (in English)
– at 16 COT (in Spanish)

Friday June 7, 2013 
– at 15 CET (in Italian)

You can register to the webinar here:

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