Gems on MDE and UML by Jean Bézivin (and others)

I’d like to share and write down in a more permanent way some thoughts and messages I recollected from yesterday’s twitter interactions with Jean Bézivin on Model Driven Engineering (MDE) and UML.
I’m sure future generations will appreciate my writeup of these small, hidden gems that otherwise would have gone lost in the Twitter flurry 🙂 .

All this was started by my post on Quora basically saying that Model-driven Engineering is more than UML.Jean’s (serial) response is reported here:

  1. Sometimes MDE is the opposite of UML.
  2. UML favours visual modeling; MDE treats visual and textual modeling on par.
  3. UML favours General Purpose Modeling Languages. MDE promotes Domain Specific Modeling Languages.
  4. UML favours huge metamodels to be filtered; MDE promotes small metamodels to be composed.

And along this line I’d like to mention two other important contributions:

Thanks Jean for your vision!

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