Model-driven development on and for the Cloud: CloudMDE Workshop at ECMFA 2012

I’m glad to say that the CloudMDE workshop we organized at ECMFA has stirred interesting presentations and discussions.

I’ve summarized the online comments in this storified list of tweets:[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “CloudMDE workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (at ECMFA2012)” on Storify</a>]<h1>CloudMDE workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud (at ECMFA2012)</h1><h2>CloudMDE ( aims to identify opportunities for using MDE to support the development of cloud-based applications (MDE for the cloud), as well as opportunities for using cloud infrastructure to enable MDE in new and novel ways (MDE in the cloud). </h2><p>Storified by Marco Brambilla · Tue, Jul 03 2012 01:52:24</p><div>The CloudMDE workshop has been held on July 2, 2012. This is a storified version of the Twitter discussions that happened during the workshop. If you want to know more you can visit: <a target=”_blank” href=””></a></div><div>About to start the #cloudmde workshop at @ecmfa2012Richard Paige</div><div><h2>The keynote speech by Ali Babar:</h2></div><div>Ali Babar keynote at #cloudmde @ecmfa2012 Paige</div><div>Ali Babar talking about the context of global software engineering: testers & developers cost the same in Scandinavia! #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ali is terrifying his audience about the lack of testing done by some small companies he’s interviewed. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>In Denmark, around 92% of (presumably ICT) companies are 10 people or less. How to provide affordable tools and infrastructure? #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Discussion of how to support multi-tenancy in a "Tools-as-a-Service" cloud infrastructure. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ali now discussing a case study where he migrated a software metrics system to the cloud. Might be a scenario for MDE #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>An opportunity for MDE in cloud may be to make it easier to port applications to different cloud infrastructure. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ali’s final remarks: cloud computing matters; tools-as-a-service has huge potential; MDE can help with migration or construction #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div><h2>Techincal sessions – Morning:</h2></div><div>Massimo Tisi now talking about a research roadmap for model transformation in the cloud. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Massimo now talking about distributing parts of transformation computation to computational nodes. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Interesting discussion on strategies to distribute a transformation: no local loading, based on props of model elements, etc. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Ekkart Kindler jumped right in with the first controversial question of #cloudmde :-)ECMFA 2012</div><div>Now, Alek Radjenovic presenting a roadmap for using MDE to migrate applications to the cloud. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Alek Radjenovic at #cloudmde Paige</div><div>#webratio, one of the first commercial full fledged cloud-enabled #MDE tools #cloudMDE @ecmfa2012 #MDD #cloudcomputingMarco Brambilla</div><div>Massimo Tisi getting ready to rumble at #cloudmde Paige</div><div>Ekkart should come to every workshop 🙂 #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Interesting question from @AVallecillo "What would be lost in migrating [data] to the cloud?" #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div><h2>Technical session. Afternoon:</h2></div><div>Now back after lunch; Sebastien Mosser talking about CloudML. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Plug for REMICS project. Appropriate, given that this is a talk about pluggability. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Sebastian talking about migration of a COBOL application to IaaS. #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>"I should never rely on colours." — overheard at #cloudmdeECMFA 2012</div><div>Sebastian Mosser presenting at #cloudmde Paige</div><div>Laszlo Deak presenting work on NoSQL and performance analysis. #cloudmde Paige</div><div>Even if not there, the <br /> To keep updated on my activities you can subscribe to the <a href=””>RSS feed</a> of my blog or follow my twitter account (<a href=””>@MarcoBrambi</a>). And also remember that WebRatio itself is fully cloud-enabled by now!

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