"My" events for 2012

Well, this year I’m involved in the organization of so many events that it’s worth (for myself) to track them down in a single blog post, so as to keep track of all the activities and places I’ll be experiencing.
I’m reporting here all the events, just for sake of recording (and for anybody to browse):

  1. SocialBPM summer school in Como, July 2012
  2. CrowdSearch workshop at WWW 2012
  3. International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2012)
  4. Model-driven Web Engineering workshop (MDWE 2012) at ICWE 2012
  5. Very Large Data Search workshop (VLDS 2012) at VLDB 2012
  6. CloudMDE workshop at ECMFA 2012
  7. SOHuman 2012 workshop at SocialCom 2012
  8. VORTE 2012 workshop at EDOC 2012
.. and a few others. This is not the full list of the events I’ll be attending though (which includes some more).
I especially recommend to look into the Social BPM summer school:

To keep updated on my activities you can subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog or follow my twitter account (@MarcoBrambi).

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