Touch base on Model Driven Software Engineering: MDE, MDD, MDA and (other) stuff. What about a new book?

I think it’s time for Model Driven Software Engineering practitioners (and lurkers) to touch base, see where we are and where we are heading to, and finally spread the world.

That’s why I felt the need of a comprehensive and agile reference on the topic, and having not found one that fits the needs of both developers and designers, and of both enterprise and academia, I decided, together with Jordi Cabot and Manuel Wimmer, to start working on a new Model Driven Software Engineering book to be published next Spring by Morgan&Claypool.

The choice of the publisher and the series is very much in line with our philosophy of providing an agile, easy to fetch reference book, at a reasonable price, and available all over the world.Several students will actually be able to get it for free, if their institution is affiliated with the M&C subscription program.

Our book will approach the topic of MDE from a high level perspective, and will proceed by describing the various techniques, methods, languages and technologies in this field with a pragmatic and hands-on style. The book will target people with no previous knowledge on MDE with the goal of giving them a clear idea of what MDE is, what it is good for and how to apply it.
We believe the book will be interesting for professionals (software developers, project managers, CTOs,..), university students in academic courses, and consultants on MDE topics.
Some of the topics we will cover in the book are:

  • an introduction to MDE and the plethora of acronyms that surround it (MDD, MDA, MOF, GML, DSL) 
  • an overview to the General Modeling Languages (GML) approach
  • the Domain Specific (Modeling) Languages (DSL / DSML) approach, with all its variant and application issues
  • the model transformations concepts and languages, including model-to-model and model-to-text transformations and code generation techniques
  • the basics of the supporting infrastructure for MDE
All the topics will be illustrated through a running example in a very pragmatic way, so as to help readers to easily grasp the complexity of MDE. We will describe the full MDE-based development process (from high-level models to the final running applications, but covering also maintenance, reengineering, and so on). Readers will be able to easily test and execute the examples. The reference platform for them will be the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) build on top of the well-known Eclipse open source platform, but references to other tools and platforms will be provided too.

We would be glad to get your opinion on this initiative and to tell us what you would like to see in the book or any other comment that can be useful while we are writing it. The TOC has been already defined (based on the topics above), but we can think of extending/reducing some parts  if we see you are interested in specific topics!
Feel free to comment and propose ideas here or on Jordi’s blog.

To keep updated on my activities you can subscribe to the RSS feed of my blog or follow my twitter account (@MarcoBrambi).

4 thoughts on “Touch base on Model Driven Software Engineering: MDE, MDD, MDA and (other) stuff. What about a new book?

  1. Will there be a single case study that spans all the chapters so that a reader can gain practical hands-on experience about using this technology?

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