My today’s BPM responses

BPM Product development (Adam Deane Blog, Nov. 10, 2010)

thanks for sharing this. Extremely valuable resource indeed.
Let me point you also to another source of knowledge for the BPM field I recently discovered: the Slideshare group managed by Sandy Kemsley, :

Want value from social? Add structure (Tom Davenport blog, Harvard Business School)

Social aspects and structure really complement each other.
For instance, we combine them using an MDE (model driven engineering) approach in which several models contribute to the definition of the enterprise behaviour (and of the supporting web software). These models are strictly connected through mappings and transformations, thus reducing the implementation efforts and increasing the willingness to change (based also on social feedbacks).
Basic ideas summarized here:

Making the ‘long tail’ of business processes social (On IT-business alignment and related things , blog by Neil Ward-Dutton)
Neil, this is a very interesting analysis of a class of applications that is often overlooked.
Let me point you to another solution we are developing for covering (also) this.
We are proposing a combination of MDD and BPM techniques that help designers and analysts to collaborate together when building the applications. We provide one click prototyping from BPMN models, and also a plethora of additional models one can exploit for refining the application behaviour and thus obtain the final application to be deployed and put in production.
Being a lightweight approach, it can easily address the requirements of the class of applications you describe (although it can also cover huge, distributed and complex enterprise processes, as demonstrated by our experience in the banking field).
Our proposal started as a research project (and research is still a significant contributor) and is now consolidated in an industrial product. The BPM edition was launched last September.
You can find an overview of the approach here:
Some experience report in our presentations at BPM 2010 (Hoboken, NJ):
And how we address the BPM challenges and trends:
Finally, more details are available on the product web site:
Feedbacks are welcome.

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