Other comments/replies on BPM

Why Do So Many BPM Projects Fail? (EbizQ, September 17th 2010) 

I fully agree on most of your positions, in particular about the need for commitment.
From our experience, the major mandatory success factors include:
– Awareness and willingness to embrace the BPM by the high level management and by the lower level roles that are requested to provide the requirements and the feedback. Otherwise, BP analysis leads to useless results.
– Quick prototyping and feedback collection cycles. Although customers were able to read and discuss the process models (e.g., BPMN), they weren’t actually able to focus on the actual issues at the modeling level. Several processes issues were identified only through feedback on the running application prototypes.
– Separation of concerns. Also in BPM projects, BPM is not everything! BP engineering, BP modeling, Master Data Management, Application modeling, Enterprise Architectures, … must be considered in orthogonal and integrated way, thus allowing different roles in the project to address the various concerns.
We shared our thoughts at BPM 2010 in Hoboken, NJ in these days. A slideset is available here:

Enterprise Architecture Master Data Process Content Relationship Management?(Welcome to the Real (IT) World!, Max Pucher Blog, Oct 25th 2010)

Dear Max,
I completely share your vision.
Im with Politecnico di Milano and Webratio (www.webratio.com) and we also have been doing integrated data modeling and application design (and evolution) for 10 years. I’m quite surprised that now all of a sudden people (especially in the BPM field) wake up and understand that this is big value.
In our approach we envision an integrated model driven development of processes, data, application structure and user interface. We don’t have a suite of enterprise applications like yours, as we focus on tailored web application development, but I strongly believe that model integration, alignment and continuous cross-validation down to the implementation is the only response to the complex needs of today’s enterprises.
If you want to have a look, here are some materials on our work:
MDD response to BPM trends (including MDM integration):
On a large-scale banking industrial experience:
I would be glad to get your feedback.

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