Trends and challenges in Business Process Management (BPM) at SMAU 2010

On Wednesday, October 20, 4pm I gave a seminar together with Stefano Butti from WebRatio on:
Trends and challenges in Business Process Management (BPM). The seminar was very successful, with more than 50 participants (see some pictures below).

This workshop highlighted the current challenges in the Business Process Modeling and Management fields, including:

  • social BPM: how to foster online social communities for collaborative real-time process improvement
  • mobile BPM: how to build essential mobile BPM applications for everyday life, spanning from online flight check-in to purchase control
  • data-centric BPM: how to integrate data and process modeling, by combining MDM (Master Data Management) and BPM, so as to achieve less expensive integration between BPMS and DBMS.
  • BPM on the cloud: how to exploit cloud computing platforms and services for performance and cost scalability of BPM solutions
  • Mobile BPM
  • .. and some others.

Besides highlighting the needs and trends, the workshop discusses the visions of the major players and analysts in the field and proposes some approaches to the problem, with special attention to MDD (Model Driven Development) as a possible solution. To make the discussion more concrete, the MDD approach is exemplified with the WebRatio development environment.
Here are the slides we presented:

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